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Braking Choppers: TRANSOMIK B, BC [hits: 6]
... motors fed by frequency inverters without an integrated braking chopper ¨ Elimination of ...
Controllers: LEKTROMIK E [hits: 4]
...injection brake with a short delay time can be integrated in controller ¨ Compact unit easily...
State-of-the-art electronic devices for the wear-free braking of three-phase induction motor [hits: 3]
... brake is the classic brake that is integrated in the motor in the form of a braking ...
Fan drives for building facility and industrial systems [hits: 2]
... losses. The small compact devices have an integrated bypass contactor.  Continuous mode of operation...
Electronic injection brakes: LEKTROMIK B4 [hits: 2]
... soft start LEKTROMIK S2 or E22 ¨ Integrated automatic electronic detection of zero-speed...
Our complete product range [hits: 2]
...Soft start with integrated injection brake 4 ... 22 kW...
Product overview: Braking choppers [hits: 2]
...Braking choppers with integrated braking resistors 2 ... 55 kW...
Product overview: Soft starters with integrated injection brake [hits: 2]
...Product overview Soft starters with integrated injection brake...
Untitled [hits: 1]
...Soft starters with integrated d.c. injection brake...
Motor starting - conservation of resources [hits: 1]
...Soft starters with integrated bypass for standard applications and ...
Kimo.de - A warm welcome [hits: 1]
...Soft starters with integrated d.c. injection brake...

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MINT - Promoting Young Talents
As in the past years KIMO is sponsoring the visit to the Hannover Trade Fair for a group of pupils from the Kaiser-Heinrich-High School in Bamberg. The students will participate in a guided tour through the exhibition and experience hands-on technology. Unfortunately, the fair organizer canceled the proven Tec2You program at short notice, but with the help of the ZVEI association and the "My eFuture" junior initiative, an alternative program has been organized at short notice.